How to write an essay?

What is an essay and what is the difficulty of writing

A literal translation from French – where this word comes from and the genre itself – means an essay or sample.

A distinctive feature of student work is a clear plan and thoughtful structure. The essay, in turn, reflects the point of view of the author and does not imply accuracy and structuredness, therefore, almost all students write an essay is difficult.

5 rules for writing an essay

If you need to write an essay, we will give a few recommendations on how to do it competently and quickly. 5 rules that you need to follow if you want to write a decent job.

Rule number 1: an interesting and familiar topic

The topic of the essay should be interesting and, last but not least, familiar. After all, it is hardly possible to express one’s point of view on a subject about which you have no idea. When choosing a topic with a teacher, it is better to initially choose what the soul is about.

Rule number 2: the author’s statement

You need to feel the depth of your thoughts and write only what you feel, without any templates, hints and looking at the works of other authors.

If you are writing a work on humanitarian subjects, you will have to spend time reading the book (at least “diagonally”) or read reviews of this book in order to understand what is being said.

Rule number 3: journalistic style of presentation

To convey personal perception of the world, the author of the essay can give examples, draw parallels, select analogies, use various associations. An essay will win if there are unexpected turns of thought and unpredictable conclusions. That is where the scope for the development of creativity, logical and figurative thinking!

Rule number 4: conciseness

Based on the fact that the essay refers to the free genres, no limit on the volume is not put. But teachers can set the top bar for workloads of up to 4-7 pages.

Rule number 5: compliance with the structure

Before you start writing an essay, you need to consider its structure and content. Structure of the essay:

  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • conclusion

The prologue should be brief, but expressive, and also contain a central metaphorical image. The last sentence of the introduction and the first sentence of the main part should be organically linked. The essence of communication: an explanation of the validity of metaphor.

The main part is connected with the introduction and output not only by the topic, but also by the method of language design (through the central image).

The essay should contain the voiced ending. In this case, it does not matter at all whether the end is an affirmation of something, a question or finally incomplete reflections. A good conclusion is aphorisms or quotes.

Instructions for writing an essay

The process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages: thinking – planning – writing – checking – correcting.

To write a good essay, we advise you to adhere to the following action plan:

  • consider the topic, comprehend the problem and write a plan (simple and detailed);
  • logically line up the text;
  • clearly express cause-effect relationships;
  • use examples, explanations;
  • express the chain of thought;
  • demonstrate the ability to use different grammar tools and choose words;
  • argue your own opinion;
  • select the type of output;
  • design the work correctly;
  • carefully check the written and make adjustments if necessary.

Writing an essay will allow you to learn how to express thoughts and track causal relationships. And if you do not succeed or you do not care for it, the student service will gladly do it for you!

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